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Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2012

Facebook games are becoming so popular nowadays, and Happy Aquarium is one of the most played game. So it is not a coincidence that many players are searching for Happy Aquarium Cheats.

Below are just some basic instructions make your playing Happy Aquarium more enjoyable and fun.

What are the different sizes  fish tank in Happy Aquarium?
Fish tank have many sizes to chose from but these expansions are only  available at levels 10 – 20 and would cost you about 100 coins.

What is the main idea in playing Happy Aquarium?
As a Happy Aquarium player. Your main job is to keep you fishes alive. You need to feed them in time. If within 3 days of not feeding your pets, your fish will get sick. and eventually would lead to death if the are not fed within 6 days.

How many fish can the aquarium hold?
You can buy additional fish by simply clicking the “store” icon on the screen.

Those are the basic instructions on how to play Happy Aquarium.

Latest Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2012

What different kinds Happy Aquarium Cheats?

There are many new latest Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2011. But most of these cheats are either detected or already ineffective. The most common Happy Aquarium Cheats that are spreading today are those cheats that allows you to get unlimited amount of money. Money that you could use to buy additional fish, food supply and many more items.

One good example of these old trick is by using cheat engine. Few months back, Happy Aquarium used to work with  Cheat Engine, but after it was detected by the developer a new patch was created to stop such cheats.

What are the latest Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2012?

There are two latest Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2011. This two are currently undetected. To keep this two program from being abuse. The developer of these two Happy Aquarium Cheats have decided to limit the number of copies that are going to be shared. Luckily, this site is the exclusive download site for these 2 free sofwares.

Below are the two latest Happy Aquarium Cheats for 2012.

Included on the list are the name of the program developers. Please be adviced that once we met our quota for sharing these 2 files. We will automatically suspend the free downloads.

Happy Aquarium Cheats by Nautilus23

Happy Aquarium Cheats by Alexandez

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