Darksiders, this game was originally known as Wrath of War, is an RPG video game created by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The original  gameplay was taken from the game Apocalypse. In Jan. 5,2010 the Xbox 360 and PS3 version were released for North American market and on January 8 was the Europe version was realeased.

On September 23, 2010  the first pc version was released for North American market and Europe followed on September 24.

Below are the list of

Darksiders Cheats



for 2013

10 Abyssal Armor locations

27 Artifacts Location

Complete Life Shard Locations

Are there any Darksiders cheats to locate easily lifestone shard and core?

Well! Actually there are Darksiders cheats to locate these lifestone shard and core. These are just simply codes that you need to input on your keyboard or controller. If your Darksiders cheats codes are correct a new map will open on your screen. Every lifestone shard and core are mark with single blinking star.

How to get Darksiders cheats codes?

You can download the list of Darksiders cheats codes on the special link below. The list will includes about 178 Darksiders cheats plus walkthroughs.

Darksider Trainer

Download Darksiders Cheats & Trainer Tool for 2013.

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