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Car Town Cheats 2013

Car Town is one of the most popular Facebook game developed by CIE Games.  The same company that created the game  Nitto 1320 Legends. This game is one of the top 20 most popular games on Facebook. It is estimated to have about 8 millions active players worldwide.

Car Town Points Generator 2011Car Town Cheats 2013 Tool

This is the latest latest Car Town Cheats 2011 Tool. This was made by some professional programmers. Due to the large numbers of request from our site followers.

Car Town Cheats 2013 Tool Guide

To use the above Car Town Cheats 2013 Tool you just need to to add your Facebook username. No need to input your Facebook password. This Car Town Cheats 2013 tool will generate unlimited Car Points to your account. You can share this Car Town Cheats 2013 to your friends, or other Car Town players as long as you don’t take credit for creating this tool.

Download Car Town Cheats 2013 Tool

Car Town Cheats 2011Comments Below!

Cheats Name: Car Town Cheats 2013 Tool
Cheats Version: 5
Size: 89.9 KB
Capatibility: Windows 2000,XP, 7, and Mac
Total Completed Downloads: 5,098

Car Town Cheats 2013 Safety Tips

Be sure to use this cheat tool only once a day. This tool will not compromise but once the Car Town server detected this tool they will surely create a new patch to counter this tool.

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  1. Bruno Buns June 20, 2011 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Car Town here I come! This is awesome!

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